In today’s world, information has never been so easily accessible and the life skills of adaptability, resourcefulness, deep thinking and resilience never so relevant.

It is therefore immensely important to us that our schools produce people who are not merely stores of information, but individuals who know how to access, assess and apply knowledge; persons who have truly learnt how to learn.

Our aspiration for every student leaving Ridegway Campus is that they are established for the rest of their life. We want them to look ahead with confidence, knowing that whatever the future, nothing will ever daunt them, because if they are in a situation where they don’t know what to do, they will know what to do.

Whilst this is still visionary in part, in practice we have begun this journey and the move to an increasingly learner-led style of education is an actuality, not a dream.

For the students it means that they understand they can develop not only their knowledge of Maths, Science or Geography but that their actual capacity to learn across all subjects and spheres of life can grow and develop.

Through trying, risking failure, not giving up, using the resources they have around them, knowing when and where to ask for help, they can actually expand the ability of their learning power.

For the Teacher this will mean an increasing ‘guide from the side’ approach that will require some letting go of the students, where they take responsibility for their own learning, but with the teacher giving careful, sensitive monitoring, support and direction.

For our schools it will mean a move towards more open ‘learning centres’ where students can work in groups, or alone, with the necessary resource within easy reach and with ready access to teacher support.

As we progress towards this improved and more relevant self-directed learning, in no way will we be surrendering actual attainment; it is simply that the attainment will be achieved through the true ability of the student, not through a program of forced-in knowledge in order to pass an exam.

At Ridgeway Campus we are committed to this learning methodology, in the knowledge that students who have really learnt how to learn will become lifelong learners, and we strongly support students of all abilities to continue on to Higher Education when they leave our schools.

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