Parental engagement has been a motivating force behind our education system from the outset and remains essential to the culture of Ridgeway Campus.


From years 3 through to 13 parents play an active part in supporting their child’s learning.

Just the knowledge that the children are in a safe environment where they are encouraged to realize their potential from the first day is very valuable to us as parents. This, coupled with the evident committal of all the excellent teachers and assistants means that every day is an exciting learning adventure.

 Ridgeway Campus (Primary) Parent.

Many parents have direct input at the school, providing background assistance to operational staff and sometimes in supporting the teachers in providing pastoral care and motivation for the students. In any Focus school you may expect to find parents involved in:

  • Classroom support
  • School office
  • Educational visits
  • Extra-curricular events and activities
  • Fundraising events

To be able to actively participate in your childs academic development is one of the great features of Ridgeway Campus, and to know that the teachers appreciate the parents interest in their development builds  strength and confidence in the Parent/school relationship.

Ridgeway Campus Parent

There are strong links between parents and teachers with regular feedback and communication through meetings, school reports and student planners.

The children thrive in a happy and safe environment that Ridgeway encourages with support at all levels while still following the standard curriculum.

 Ridgeway Campus Parent 

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