• The below policies were adopted by Northmoor Education Trust Board of Trustees on the stated dates for the use at Cottingham Campus.
  • As of the 17th September the campus has relocated to Ridgeway Campus, Scunthorpe.
  • The school is still operated by the same trust, Northmoor Education Trust.
  • Where the policy states Cottingham Campus, this now relates to Ridgeway Campus.
  • All future policies adopted by the board of trustees will state Ridgeway Campus.

These policies are still adopted by the board of Trustees

Safeguarding Policy 2018

Behaviour Management Policy

H&S Policy

Complaints Procedure 2018



Learning Support (SEND) Policy 2018

Learning Support (SEND) Policy Appendix


4 2016 November Exam-Procedures-Hbook-Part-4-Controlled-Assess-16-17-v2

5 2016 November Exam-Procedures-Hbook-P5-Disabilityprocedures16-17-v2

6 2016 November Exam-Procedures-Hbook-P6-Emergency-procedure-16-17-v2

7 2016 November Exam-Procedures-Hbook-P7-Contingency-plan-16-17-v3

8 2016 November Exam-Proceudres-Hbook-P8-Internal-appeals-16-17-v2




Whistleblowing Policy

Older_Student_Privacy_Notice_v1_GDPR_Full_Version Ridgeway


Staff_Trustee_Volunteer_Privacy_Notice_v1_GDPR Ridgeway

Younger_Student_Privacy_Notice_v1_GDPR_Full_Version Ridgeway


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