11 May

  • By blakewade

Year 3 and 4’s Big Question for their topic work at the moment is ‘When was the best time to be a child?’ As part of our resource immersion, we spent a full day finding out what it was like to be a child during the Second World War. We came to school dressed as evacuees and found out what host family we would be staying with. Before setting off for the countryside, we had to make sure we had our identity labels, gas mask boxes, and that our suitcases were packed according to government guidelines!

Once we had explored what it would have felt like to travel on a train miles away from home and be apart from family in a strange environment, we decided to write postcards home to explain some of our new experiences and how we were feeling. Lastly, we explored rationing and designed a dinner party menu for our host families. Woolten pie and nettle tea anyone?!

We really enjoyed putting ourselves in the shoes of children from the past and we hope that our experience will help us to answer our Big Question.