In spite of the usual warnings of a deluge, courtesy of the MetOffice, the day dawned warm, and cheerful with a brisk breeze sending clouds scurrying high above the sky. Similarly, bleak warnings regarding the tailbacks we should expect on our journey were also unfounded, and we found ourselves in the state of the art surroundings of the John Charles Stadium complete with a view of the City of Leeds.

Cottingham Campus held its annual sports day on 6th July 2017 and was attended by two other Focus Schools – Hornby Campus and York Campus. All students across both primary and secondary took part in at least 1 event on the day, with many choosing to take on more events to help their team gain extra points.  This sports day was the first one to be competed in the international house teams which have recently been created – Warriors, Raiders and Troopers and the battle to find the winning house turned out to be a very competitive one, The commitment, energy and passion, in addition to the natural talent on display, was excellent! The suspense as some drew close to, or exceeded; records was immense. Moreover, watching the look on a competitor’s face as they finished an event and realised that they had, indeed, beaten their Person Best was most rewarding, with Warriors finally coming out on top – only by a very fine margin!  There were many outstanding achievements, including two Focus records beaten by Cottingham Campus – KS4 Boys Relay (Hurricane Team) and KS3 Girls High Jump (Cassia Wade). We all had a lesson on being “in it to win it!” when the difference in points between the winning team and the one that came next was less than the point won by one plucky competitor who ran her race alone! The event was thoroughly enjoyed by students, staff and parents and no doubt everybody is looking forward to next year’s sports day already!

Please also see our video, under the ‘video’ tab, funnily enough.

Fantastic venue


1500m – Piers, Flaked out – Missed the record by 0.5 sec, well done Piers


Encouragement from a fellow team mate


Bradley doing that that thing where you go upside down!


Come on Axel, not far now!



Good old COTTINGHAM!!                                                                                                                                                                             


Highjump – Jared G


Highjump – Cassia setting a KS3 Focus record – 1.43m – WELL DONE CASSIA.                                                                                                                       


KS4 Hurdles


I am sure I have just broken something!                                                                                                                                                


Lorna G & Narelle, doing their bit for team cottingham.


Longjump – Reece B – Oophh!!                                                                                                                                                                   

See how they are all listening so intently!


Javelin – Watchout!!


Teamwork, Par excellence!!


This little guy on the left thought he would do it differently, a kind of bouncy roll thing!


Thanks to all Spectators








Staff – Couldn’t do without them!