Key Stage 2 children spent a Friday afternoon celebrating British Science Week with a variety of different activities in class, followed by a science showcase, where we had the opportunity to set out stalls showing what we had discovered and learn from one another.

Year 3 used essential oils to mix their own perfume inventions – their classroom smelled amazing!

Year 4 learned about how the Channel Tunnel was built and made their own board games based on what they had found out.

Year 5 learned about pollution and carried out an experiment with cranberry juice and bicarbonate of soda to show how pollutants can be invisible to the eye, but have a big effect. They were tasked with designing an object or an idea to help stop pollution.

Year 6 researched air resistance and used their knowledge to design and make different paper aeroplanes.

Kind regards

Rebekah Horrigan Year 3-8 Progress Leader | OneSchool Ridgeway Campus