On Thursday 15th December, the students at Cottingham Campus held the first ever house music competition in the history of the school. Parents, Grandparents, Ex-students and Teachers alike were astounded by the stunning musical performances by our talented students.

Each house performed a full house choir, a band and 5 other performances including solos, duets and groups. We invited 3 mystery judges who were unveiled on the day as:

  • Mr Ian Williams, our ex French teacher who now teaches at Hornby Campus. Thanks for coming Mr Williams! It was great to see you again!
  • Mrs Caroline Gray, our Regional Principle and also Head teacher at Long Eaton Campus. Thank you for your closing speech and giving up your time to come!
  • And last but not least, our new highly qualified Choir Master, Mr Ian Seddon! We hope you enjoyed your first introduction to Cottingham’s musical talent.

Each performance was judged on a variety of criteria including cohesion, timing, creativity, harmonic content, accuracy & control and overall performance. All in all, it was extremely challenging for every contestant, but a huge well done goes to all who participated! Congratulations to all Gold and Silver Winners especially!
A huge well done to the Sixth Formers who arranged this event as a team, from creating programmes and certificates, designing a logo, organising catering and both the hiring and decorating of the Cottingham Civic Hall, and creating a fantastic webpage to sell tickets! Also, well done to the house captains, who successfully taught all 37 pupils in their house the house song!

Thanks also to all those who came and for the massive donations we received! With your help, we made a profit of £1327.66!!

It was an awesome and highly professional day! We look forward to seeing you all at Synergy17!

Please watch some video below




House Choirs