09 Sep

  • By VNW



This week the students at Cottingham took part in a referendum on the future of the school houses. It was announced last week that all Focus Schools must move to a three house system; Red House, Yellow House and Green House.

As a school we already had three houses but ours were Hurricane (Red), Tornado (Yellow) and Whirlwind (Blue).

We could have simply switched the Whirlwind (Blue) team to the new Green House. The other option was to re-organise all of the house teams. As this was a decision that affects the students we thought it best that they decide.

Students were informed of this information during Tuesday’s assembly and a notice board was set up for them to post their arguments to either STAY (remain in the same houses and switch blue to green) or LEAVE (re-shuffle all three houses).

Each student was given a voting slip and asked to cast their vote on the two options. We also asked students to vote on another house issue that had been raised through council, which was whether or not staff should be allocated to houses.

The votes were counted and verified and announced to students. With 67% of students voting LEAVE it was a landslide victory to dissolve the current house teams and set up new ones.

The students also voted for staff to remain impartial and not attached to a house.

The new house teams have been announced, they will have to quickly bond and put old rivalries aside as the Great Cottingham Bake-Off starts next week!