16 Nov

  • By blakewade

Nationally, 14th-18th October is Anti Bullying Week. Here at Cottingham Campus, we have a zero tolerance for bullying and we feel it is important to recognise that bullying can and does take place, but to help our students understand what to do when they are faced with bullying, or when they see bullying taking place.


Our anti-bullying week started with an excellent assembly from Year 6, including a rap to raise awareness of bullying. Students have also been completing activities in Tutor time and have all been given a ‘No Bully Zone’ badge to wear. This week, students will be nominating their peers for the ‘Power for Good’ award, which will be recognised by Focus nationally and is to reward those students who are consistently kind, and who take a stand against bullying.


On Wednesday, Years 3-8 and 11 took part in a full day off-timetable as part of their PSHCE programme. This day was all about being assertive, being positive, and working as part of ‘Team Cottingham’. The day culminated in a final group work challenge, in which teams had to solve a problem, plan a solution, present this, and prove how they had worked as a team and utilised the skills of everyone in the group. You can see our photos below.


Parents and students will be getting a sheet with useful tips for how to deal with bullying, so look out for these. If you do have any concerns about bullying in school, please speak to your/your child’s form tutor in the first instance. If any issues continue, you can speak to any member of the safeguarding team – Miss Horrigan, Mr Hutton or Mrs Thompson.


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