01 Oct

  • By blakewade

The transition has begun and the CMT will lead the way…

Team Cottingham have made a fantastic start to our final year at this campus and work has already begun to ensure this time next year marks the best one yet!

Team Cottingham believe all students and staff should be involved in shaping our new school: all should be able to contribute their views and creative ideas. So, we opened up applications for a Change Management Team (CMT). Due to a huge influx of applications, we selected pupils at random.

The CMT involves an exclusive visit to Ridgeway Campus for members to immerse themselves in the new learning environment and establish initial ideas. The team, of both staff and students, will have to commit time and hold a series of focus groups with students, staff and parents to ensure all voices and ideas are heard and actioned. The CMT will keep all those interested updated and informed through regular articles posted onto the school website. This is a very exciting opportunity.

So, who are the CMT?




Photographed above (by Layla Graham), our CMT is:

  • Mrs Kynman
  • Mrs Chand
  • Miss Barker
  • Miss Horrigan
  • Loretta- Year 2
  • Brynley- Year 2
  • Brendon-Year 3
  • Erin- Year 4
  • Arlen- Year 5
  • Tyler- Year 6
  • Jake- Year 7
  • Atlanta- Year 8
  • Luella – Year 9
  • Matthias- Year 10
  • Georgina- Year 11
  • Martina- Year 12
  • Jodi –Year 13


The CMT will be visiting Ridgeway Campus on 12th October to set their vision.