28 Jun

  • By blakewade

Cottingham Attendance League website sudden death round 2 update

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Cottingham Attendance League Final Round Update

Cottingham Attendance League website wk 5 update

Cottingham Attendance League website wk 3 update

To further promote attendance in the school we have launched the Cottingham Campus Attendance League.

Each week every tutor group will either play against another tutor group or against the school targets.  When they are playing another tutor group their attendance % for the week is their score; if this is higher than the opposition they score 3 points, if it is the same they score 1 point and if it is lower they score 0 points.  When they face the school targets they can score up to 4 points by achieving 100% attendance.  If however they score less than the schools target of 97% they score 0 points.

Each week is a new game and attendance is re-set.  Every match is winnable and all students have to do to win is attend school and encourage others in their group to attend too.

Each tutor group will play each other and the school targets twice.  Once all of the fixtures have been played the team at the top of the league will win the prestigious Attendance League Trophy and a Domino’s pizza lunch for their efforts.

We are now 2 weeks into the league and Year 6 are the current leaders, maintaining 100% attendance over the 2 weeks.  Year 12/13 are hot on their heels with Year 9 and Year 11 currently propping up the table.  There is still a long way to go and to win the league will require consistency over time.