14 Oct

  • By Rhoda

September 2018 saw the transition of the Victorian Cottingham Campus to the 21st Century Ridgeway Campus. Above, Head Teacher, Mrs Hutton, cuts the ribbon on their first day at the school.

The school and all 243 students along with staff relocated to Kingsway in Scunthorpe. This was a massive undertaking by all stakeholders but we did it!

Our Victorian one-storey building was holding us back in terms of flexible learning and moving to Ridgeway provides us with a state-of-the-art Learning Centre set over two floors, which perfectly facilitates our vision for self-directed learning.

The KS2 pupils have their own learning studios which allows them to break out into different areas where they can direct their own learning whether  independently, semi collaboratively or collaboratively.

The KS3-5 area has two wings, the North and the South, with three specially designed, innovative studios for Science, Food and Art and Design.

Each of the wings has a selection of brainstorming rooms, quiet and focused zones with plenty of areas and screens to present their work via WiFi.

We are looking forward to further pursuing the OneSchool vision from our new Learning Centre – a global education ecosystem that develops life-ready students who learn how to learn.

Go Ridgeway!