23 Sep

  • By VNW

The Bake-Off returned bigger and better in 2016. This year, as well as the secondary heats, we also had primary heats. Students also had to contend with working alongside unfamiliar house mates as the teams had only been re-shuffled just days before after the Hexit referendum result.

On the first day of heats, last Tuesday, the primary students fought it out in 5 gruelling heats to try and secure a place in the first ever primary bake-off final. Every student put in 100% effort baking an unknown cake or biscuit that was only revealed to them at the start of the heat. All of the students produced high quality bakes and every round was really tough to judge. But there had to be one team to progress to the final and our guest judges selected the following winners:

Round 1 – Custard Creams – Warwick and Ida (Troopers)

Round 2 – Smarties Cookies – Kelsey and Dexter (Raiders)

Round 3 – Swiss Roll – Alaska Arnett and Liam (Warriors)

Round 4 – Vanilla Tray Bake with lemon – Denver, Sadie and Amalia (Warriors)

Round 5 – Ginger Bread Men – Holly and Brendon (Raiders)


All of the primary students enjoyed the experience and the finalists are really excited about the final where they will have to bake a two tiered cake based on this year’s theme of:

The more you read,

The more you know,

The more you learn,

The more places you’ll go.


After a day of baking the worktops were wiped down, pots and pans were washed and dried ready to go again the next day. The second day of baking saw secondary students take centre stage. There were 6 fast paced heats during the day, where the challenge was not only a tough bake but a race against the clock to present their finished product.


Temperatures were soaring both inside the kitchen and outside which added to the difficulty of the bakes but the teams battled on with every group producing an end product. Again, all groups put in a fantastic effort to produce another set of tightly contested rounds. Guest judges were torn between bakes but the eventual winners were:


Round 1 – Scones – Saskia and Alana (Warriors)

Round 2 – Strawberry Tarts– Chanelle and Charlton (Raiders)

Round 3 – Chocolate Roulade – Ketsia and Atlanta (Raiders)

Round 4 – Oreos – Tiffany and Narelle (Raiders)

Round 5 – Millionaires Shortbread – Harry and Carlos (Troopers)

Round 6 – Macaroons – Morwenna and Nikita (Warriors)


The secondary finalists have the same theme as primary but must produce a 3D Gingerbread structure in their showstopper.


We could not host events like the bake-off without the fantastic support we get from the community. Bake-off days are long and hectic and can get quite stressful so I would like to say a big thank you to the community members who helped out during the heats.