22 Oct

  • By blakewade

On Wednesday 19th the girls of year 10 held a cake-baking contest. Four parent teams were chosen to participate in this event, and they were then given a theme (nautical), in which they had to plan how they would decorate their cake, and what flavours they would use etc.

This event was a huge success, and the chosen teams were very co-operative and supported us and our chosen charity (The Humber Rescue) extensively. We gathered sponsors for each team – well done Eileen Sellars and Elaine Clarke for raising the most – £180!

On the day of the event, all competitors arrived at the school at around 8:30, ready to set up for the day. At 9:00 the competition commenced, and for four hours the four teams – Team 1 (Eileen Sellars and Elaine Clarke), Team 2 (Sally Clark and Liz Worsley), Team 3 (Lyd Lant) and Team 4 (Liz Green and Jenny Green) the participants baked, tasted, and decorated cakes!

At 1:30, a team of discerning, perceptive judges (Mr Williams, Mr Hutton, Mrs Hutton, Mr Thomas and Miss Horrigan) judged the cakes in front of the school. The quality and standard of the cakes was incredible, they were all delicious and looked amazing. After a long and hard decision the judges finally decided on a winner! Well done Liz Green and Jenny Green! However, the judges noted that it was an incredibly hard decision, and all of the cakes had incredible amounts of detail, and were all very precise.


Once again, many thanks to all of the participants – your help is greatly appreciated and we couldn’t have done it without you! We still need donations, visit our website at www.yr9fundraising.co.uk for more information on how to do this, or speak to one of the year 10 girls.


Look out for our video – fill in the Smart Sheet link here if you would like to receive a copy, https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form?EQBCT=81a010d7ef734551a3d1afee6a08b429

Thank You!