12 Sep

  • By VNW

Hello All,


We have now successfully completed our first week back at school. The pupils have come back to school with a sense of fresh determination.

We have had an action packed week, where we have launched the new one school awards, our Above and Beyond school reward trip, our pupils have taken part in our democratic process of the HEXIT to decide on a reshuffle of the houses.

Our primary pupils have engaged in an elite programme of sports with an external provider who has been keen to work with our pupils and the school.

Our new year 3 pupils have settled well and are already showing they are going to be an asset to the school.

The pupils have all received their copy of pupil calendar, they have been able to see the new activities we have planned for this year.

Our first House competition starts Tuesday with the Great Cottingham Bake Off with the KS2 pupils taking part for the very first time.

Keep checking the latest news items for regular updates on progress in the school.


Kind Regards


Mrs K Hutton