29 Sep

  • By blakewade

Hello All,

We have now been back at school for 4 weeks, this means that we have less than 34 weeks left at Cottingham Campus. We will soon be moving to our new Campus, which I have been reliably informed will now be named Ridgeway campus. This because the college next door is known as Kingsway Campus.

Our change management team has been launched and are looking forward to their first visit to the new Campus on the 12th October. They will have the opportunity to thrash out some ideas of how they see the new building develop. How it can truly enable our pupils to be self directed learners.

This week has seen the final of the Great Cottingham Bake Off complete for another year. Please read the article to find our more about the competitions and the winners. I would like to echo Mr Hutton’s comments and thanks to the community members that assisted on all 4 days, without them it would not have been possible. Also a big thank you to Mr Hutton who put in hours of research looking through cook books to choose appropriate challenges for our pupils. I know he is hard at work working on our Mud Run our next large House event.

We have had our first visit from our RP. She was one of our guest judges of the primary house bake off final and was impressed with the level of commitment that she saw around the school. She has passed on her thanks to all of the staff, pupils and parents for an enjoyable and informative day at Cottingham Campus.

On October the 21st we have our celebration event at the school, we look forward to welcoming you all to hand out our certificates of performance in examination results.




Mrs Hutton