03 Nov

  • By blakewade

Thank you for all attending our SDL showcase, please see below the feedback collated from all parents

Did you enjoy the showcase?

Y           100%

Do you feel you have a greater understanding of SDL as a result of today?

Y           100%

Would you feel confident explaining each SDL to someone else as a result of today?

Y – 75%     N- 25%

Was it clear how students reached the end goal in their SDL Assignments?

Y           100%

Did you feel the students were confident in explaining their SDL skills to you?

Y           100%

How will you use today to help your son/daughter with their studies at home?

  • Expanding the scope of resources at home
  • Encourage them to vary their ideas like other year groups have done
  • Help them to see the relevance of homework
  • That spending time planning is important so there isn’t any last minute rush
  • Encourage them to complete different types of research
  • Encourage them to think of different ways to present their response
  • Help them with their research
  • Will help them to keep motivated now I have a better understanding
  • Make sure they are putting in maximum effort now I know what the expectations are

What further support would you like regarding SDL?

  • Continued communication-there will be a showcase at the end of every half term and articles continuously added to the website to keep everyone updated with our progress.
  • Keep telling us what is happening- we really enjoy it!
  • Learning more about their big question so we can help- please encourage pupils to talk about their SDL Assignments prior to the showcase so that you can take an active involvement from the beginning of their SDL journey.
  • How much help can we give- we will be offering coaching training to all parents in the new year to support you in guiding your son/daughter(s) to think for themselves and pursue areas of interest
  • Should we be buying materials to support SDL Assignments? It is the responsibility of each student to meet with their teacher and submit their SDL plans, this will include an outline of resources that they will need.
  • The children may need help with learning how to access information- all staff and students have a different SDL Focus each month to ensure we achieve our SDL vision. The focus for November is Moodle (Purple Mash for Primary) and this will involve staff and students uploading and sharing information relating to their SDL Assignments.

How might we improve the organisation and delivery of the next SDL Showcase?

  • Having an SDL showcase every half term is the best idea- keep going! If we keep getting more ideas, we can share them. Many thanks!
  • Perhaps more focus on a few projects rather than seeing everyone’s- thank you for the suggestion, we will bear this in mind when planning the December showcase.
  • It was very good, the tour guides were a great help!
  • Personally, I found the previous showcase better where you could wander around in your own time and where you wanted- thank you for the suggestion, we will ensure both options are available for the December showcase.
  • Thank you to all who put the massive amount of time and effort into organising the day and for incorporating the primary parent reviews.
  • Perhaps the kids could take turns to present, rather than all at once as it was difficult to concentrate at times- thank you for the suggestion, we will bear this in mind when planning the December showcase.
  • This one was even better than the last one so it looks like you are improving already!
  • Very good guides. Lovely, confident pupils!


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and supporting Team Cottingham’s exciting SDL journey.