15 Sep

  • By VNW

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On 15th September, primary pupils were split into house teams and tasked with reproducing a piece of famous art work. However, they had a number of challenges to contend with:


  1. The finished piece had to be larger than the original and be completed outside on the playground
  2. They could only use junk materials and fabrics to form the picture – no drawing implements were to be seen!
  3. The children took a section of the art work each and then had to fit this into ‘the bigger picture’


The children took on the challenge really well, and I’m sure you will agree that they have demonstrated many skills including creativity, problem-solving and effective team work. Mrs Hutton came to see the finished pieces and had the very difficult task of deciding on a winner. The results were as follows:


1st place – Yellow Raiders (60 points)

Joint 2nd place – Green Warriors and Red Troopers (40 points each)


A big thank you to Mrs Hutton for judging the competition, Miss Barker for helping to organise the day, and Jodi and Gareth for helping too.