03 Nov

  • By blakewade

In true Team Cottingham Spirit, our latest INSET day was spent looking at SDL and how we can better prepare our pupils to become true self directed learners.

The day was very productive and the teachers are all on board with the vision that has been created with staff and pupils.

Our sixth formers Kelvin and Travis were instrumental to the days success. The two boys led their own training session for teaching staff on how to use One Note to mark work. They produced their own powerpoint (which included WALT’s and WILF’s) They even had stretch and challenge tasks for the more able teachers amongst us (Mr Hutton is a ‘techie’ teacher)

All teachers were excited about our move to being a paperless sixth form. All pupils now complete work on their One Note and homework is set via outlook.

Well done to the boys for managing to control and engage all teachers on the day, they were an unruly bunch but the lesson was ‘outstanding’ all teachers made ‘above expected progress.’



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