22 Oct

  • By blakewade

As a school council we represent the student voice of Cottingham Campus. We meet on a regular basis with both Primary and Secondary school councillors to discuss any suggestions pupils may have. So far this term, we have had two whole school council meetings and Primary’s have had two of their own. This has provided plenty of opportunity for all students to express their ideas to improve our school.

We have made SDL a standing agenda item for our meetings in which we discuss ways and ideas that we pupils think we can improve SDL at Cottingham, ready for the new campus. From this it has been decided that all students and maybe even parents will have access to the schemes of learning for their subjects. This means pupils will be able to identify where they need to be and self-direct their learning to get there.

Already, school council have carried out numerous actions. For example, we have plans to raise a grand sum of £13000 for the new rationale ovens much desired by both the students and the dinner ladies. This involves a house music competition in December, Mud Run in February and a sponsored colour run later on in the year, events we are all very much looking forward to.

Also, new, bigger and better lockers are being ordered for the senior girls to ensure they have enough room to store their bags – something they are very happy about.

We have made our first purchase of the year with our Student Funds – copious quantities of footballs for primary and secondary boys.

However, the school council’s biggest decision this year has been to adopt a snow leopard from the World Wildlife Fund. By contributing £3 a month to the WWF we are supporting the survival of the snow leopard specie. We will receive a fluffy replica and photographs of our adopted snow leopard alongside updates about its well-being. We will give another update about this when it has been confirmed and the package received.

Overall, it has been a brilliant half term, and we look forward to another one after the break. Thanks school councillors!